Commercial Pools

At Puritan Whitecoat, we have hundreds of commercial refurbishments under our belt including everything from the smallest wading pools to 15,000 square foot behemoths. We provide the best commercial pool work and repair in Great Falls, Virginia and the surrounding areas. When it comes to commercial pools, we ensure that each project or task is done on time, every time. Our team of pool repair experts is always ready to make your pool come alive.
Completed Pools
We offer free on-site estimates and, if you accept our bid, we will work around your schedule to make sure the work is done in time for your Memorial Day opening. We recommend scheduling pool renovations and remodels in the fall to avoid the stressful pre-opening day hassle the following spring.

Our team is committed to providing quality commercial pool maintenance services and we are ready to make your pool the envy of the community. We work hard and guarantee that each project is completed on time. For more information about our pool maintenance and repair services, contact us or call us at 703-757-7269 and get the best looking pool at the best possible price.

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The Process

Step 1 – Drain the pool and, if they need replacing, remove tile and/or coping

Step 1 - Drain the Pool

Step 2 – Check for soundness of existing plaster and remove any bad spots (delamination, “pops”, and surface cracks)

Step 2 - Check the Plaster

Step 3 – Prep existing plaster, cut and chip around tile lines and fittings for a flush transition between surfaces

Step 3 - Prep Existing Plaster

Step 4 – Replace pool tile and/or coping and repair any other issues as requested

Step 4 - Replace Pool Tile and/or Coping

Step 5 – Skimming and other plumbing repairs and replacements as requested

Step 5- Skimming and Other Repairs

Step 6 – Apply a bond coat to ensure maximum bond between old and new surface (e.g. Scratch Kote)

Step 6- Crew Applies the Finish

Step 7(Standard Pool Finish) –

  1. Crew blows on a 3/8 – 1/2″ thick marbelite pool finish
  2. Expert craftsmen hand trowel the surface 3-5 times, making it successively smoother
  3. On final pass, plaster is smoothed to National Plasterers Council standards (approximate equivalent to 200 grit sandpaper)
Step 7a - Crew Hand Trowel the Surface

Step 7(Specialty Pool Finish)

  1. Crew applies a 3/8 – 1/2″ thick specialty finish
  2. Expert craftsmen hand trowel surface (process varies by finish type)
  3. Finishing steps vary greatly. Some finishes, like Hydrazzo, are polished smooth with a water-driven, diamond buffing pad. Others, like Sunstone Select, are rinsed to expose a smooth, orange peel like textured aggregate.
Step 7b - Plaster is Smoothed to NPC Standards

Step 8 – Our crew leaves the pool filling, ready to have water trucked in or to be filled by hose

Step 8 - Ready to be Filled