Plaster Walls and Finishes by Puritan Whitecoat

About Us

Eric Partee, the founder and owner of Puritan Whitecoat, began his career in the pool industry after returning from serving the military during the Vietnam War. He started working for a company in pool management, but in 1985, after working for nearly fifteen years in the swimming pool industry, he decided to branch out on his own with a mission to continue providing quality work for each and every customer. Thousands of swimming pool remodels and renovations later, you can rest assured that we are still committed to delivering quality service at a fair price to our customers in Great Falls, Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Plaster Walls Lend to Beautiful PoolsOur team of professionals are dedicated to their trade and each crew member averages over 10 years of experience. We offer a wide range of services including restorations, refinishes, and renovations for pools and other underwater surfaces. We also offer a wide range of pool services that include plaster, quartz, pebble and polished finishes, tile, coping, pool resurfacing, and specialty finishes. With an extensive coverage area, if there is a pool that needs replastering or refurbishment within our range, we are always happy to provide our quality services.

In addition to building swimming pools, we have resurfaced almost any kind of submerged plastered or tiled surface you can think of, from decorative fountains to lazy rivers in amusement parks.

We provide free on-site estimates and will supply a written guarantee before we start any job. For more information about our pool services, contact us or call us at 703-757-7269 today.